Verdale Condo Receives 268 Viewings Over the Weekend

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Verdale Condo Launching Soon in the Core City Centre

Verdale Condo Launching Soon in the Core City Centre

Recently new lunches in Singapore has been gaining traction as they are less land in Singapore now available for sale. For new lunches that cater to buyers who are specifically looking for new lunches can still be well received. In particular developments there are close to the core city centre or developments which are freehold status will be able to gain attention from buyers as well as gain more sales during the opening weekend.

In particular a new development located in the city fringe of Singapore which is called Verdale condo has received a lot of interest from buyers who are looking to view the show flat when it opens. This statistics received by the relevant developing marketing agencies, it is noted that there were a lot of buyers who have view the Verdale show flat on the preview weekend. There were a total of 268 viewings for the show flat which was launched just over the feet 10 at the developer world very confident that there will be a lot of buyers for the development given the location next to many amenities. It is therefore expected that other developments in the core city centre will be highly sought after.

Developments such as The Reef at King’s Dock which is located at Vivocity is also consider a city fringe all-rounder core city centre development. Given that the deal has garnered so many viewers over the weekend it is expected that The Reef at King’s Dock will be highly popular given its location near to Vivocity MRT Station. The Reef at King’s Dock pricing will also be very reasonable given today’s investment climate and might be a huge bargain for investors looking at the core city centre development

Verdale condo is a new development located next to Beauty World MRT Station that is off Jalan Jurong Kechil. It is actually a 99 years these whole development that is so near to many amenities and located in the secluded corner of beauty world. Verdale condo owners enjoy serenity and quietness. The sales get a refund Verdale condo feature many different layouts that cater to different types of buyers be it for own stay or investment. The units for Verdale condo range from 1B room which starts from 463sqft to the bigger layouts of the four bit which starts from 1410 sqft.

There will also be duplex houses feature in the development to cater to buyers who are looking for a little bit more space other the typical units. The duplex houses feature high Silverlink that managed to elicit a classy feel for owners.

According to the developers, it is noted that the viewers for Verdale Condo come from different backgrounds including the neighbourhood HDB upgraders looking to move to private developments. HDB Upgraders quite keen to move to the beauty world were actually looking for bigger units such as the 3 and 4 Bedders which feature a lot of space in the living room as well as in the balcony. In particular there were a lot of upside capital gains for developers as well as the seekers for the beauty will region given that there are a lot of new transformation and plans to develop Beauty World into a integrated transport hub.


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